Life COaching

Co-Active Life Coaching is more than a coaching model. It is a way of being in the world that starts with wanting to make a change.

  • STEP ONE: What do you want?

Coaching begins with Analysis and Discovery; as we first ask the question, "What do you want?"

  • STEP TWO: Coaching Sessions

Your weekly coaching session is the structure that keeps you in action and present to what you want and why it's important to you.

  • STEP THREE: Celebration/Support

 Art of Life Coaching recognizes that newly formed habits and thinking patterns can be uncomfortable......until they are not! 

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ADHD Life Coaching

ADHD is so much more than a distraction, lack of focus, and/or the need for stimulation. It impacts every single part of your life, often in a positive way, sometimes in a negative way. Coaching helps you make changes. You will improve, develop insight, and take the actions that lead to your fulfilling life.