CO-Active Life Coaching

Co-Active Coaching is more than a coaching model. It is a way of being in the world that starts with wanting to make a change. All change begins with looking at self.


What do you want?

Needs Analysis/Discovery
  • Coaching is all about you, not your parents, your spouse, your partner, or your boss. 

  • Whomever you thought you had to be in your life up to this point may be challenged.

  • Discovery is an exploratory process and necessary to the coaching process.

  • Coaching happens in a confidential setting, via FaceTime, ZOOM, or other video call platform of your choice.


Coaching Session

Your weekly coaching session is the structure that keeps you in action and present to  What you want and why it's important to you.
  • Your coach will meet you where you are, not where you think you should be, or where others want you to be. You have to start where you are.

  • You will determine the focus of each session and the coach will guide the process.

  • You may have homework in between sessions.

  • You choose how you want to be accountable for the changes you desire.



Art of Life Coaching recognizes that newly formed habits and thinking patterns can be uncomfortable..until they are not!
  • Follow up sessions are encouraged for maintenance.

  • Sustainable change may require support after one on one coaching via group coaching.

  • Staying connected to your new self and way of being can be an adventure. This can be designed by you and your coach.

  • Art of Life Coaching will keep you informed of new opportunities and experiences that will enhance your growth.



An ADHD diagnosis is just the beginning!  Understanding and acceptance are critical to the process of creating a fulfilling life that includes this part of you rather than trying to hide it. It is real and there is no cure. There are many treatments.


     Did you know that sometimes people with ADHD...


  • are not good self observers.

  • do not adequately describe their symptoms to their doctor.

  • forget things in-between visits to the doctor.

  • become distracted and go off-topic in their time with the doctor.

  • do not understand what to measure to report on whether meds are working.

  • resist mailing things (like claim forms and checks)

  • have trouble finishing tasks requiring sustained focus, like writing long emails.

  • are highly sensitive.

  • are challenged with life balance and time, management making treatment plans difficult to follow.

  • have many more traits and symptoms that people without it do not have!


Many clients are relieved to learn that some of their concerns are not about the bad character but are actually traits of ADHD that are not often talked about.