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There is more information and support than ever before for people with ADHD. Coaching keeps you informed on best practices and new developments. Most people find there are too many options to manage it alone and end up more frustrated.  What works for one person with ADHD is unlikely to work the same for everyone, so just as each person is unique, so must be the design for life.

ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The Lived Experience

The boxes below are just a sample of the many things people describe about life with ADHD. 

If you see some that fit you or a loved one, YOU ARE NOT ALONE...and coaching can help you find your way.

Lack of Focus

You know what you need to do but other thoughts intrude and dilute the focus you need to get things one.

Easily Bored

Boredom is like an invisible pain that cannot be described and you will go to great lengths to keep it from happening. 

Time Blindness

Even with the best of intentions, there is always one more thing to do before you do "that" thing and you underestimate how long anything will take. You usually end up late.

Trouble Getting Started

 Once you get things started, you get them done, yet you waste a lot of time thinking about it.


You know you are smart and there are some things you think you could be really good at, yet it seems like everyone else is always ahead of you.

Chronic Chaos

 You have the desire for order in your life yet uninvited chaos shows up on a regular basis.

Head in Hands
ADHD is so much more than being distracted or unable to focus. It is a daily dance of choosing one thing and doing another.
It's about incomplete projects, unfulfilled dreams, a need for stimulation and so much more.

It impacts




of your life.

Coaching helps you leverage the positive GIFTS and manage  the problem areas! 


ADHD is Real

An ADHD diagnosis is just the beginning!  Understanding and acceptance are critical as well as navigating this part of your life while holding onto who you are!

     Did you know that sometimes people with ADHD...


  • are not good self observers.

  • have rejection sensitivity dysphoria.

  • often get stuck on negative thoughts and have a hard time moving on.

  • struggle with adequately describing  symptoms to the doctor.

  • forget things in-between visits to the doctor.

  • become distracted and go off-topic in their time with the doctor.

  • do not understand what to pay attention to in order to help determine if medication is working.

  • resist mailing things.

  • have trouble finishing tasks requiring sustained focus, like writing long emails.

  • are highly sensitive.

  • are challenged with life balance and time, management making treatment plans difficult to follow.

  • have many more traits and symptoms that people without it do not have!


Many clients are relieved to learn that some of their concerns are not about  bad character but are actually traits of ADHD that are not often talked about. 

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