Lisa Boester

A native of Indiana, Lisa has over 30 years of success in business. Her experience in real estate, financial services, advertising and marketing, and as sales manager for a building supply company served to inform her work as a life coach in many important ways. Her coach education began at Co-active Training Institute, is  a certified career coach for adults with ADHD and  trained with Jodi Sleeper-Triplett of JST Coaching for her work with college students. She serves as a charter coach with the Edge Foundation where she was part of the internationally recognized study of the impact of coaching on college students with ADHD.

She opened her own business in 2007 specializing in helping adults with ADHD and college students understand their challenges better and achieve more fulfillment through better management tools and aligning major life areas with their strengths.

Once called the loudest megaphone in the state of Indiana for ADHD, she is committed to the growth of her clients and invested in coaching as a catalyst for life changing action.

Soon to be a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, Lisa is currently offering a 6 week Mental Fitness Training bootcamp. With the breakthroughs in neuroscience, we now know we can grow our mental muscles and reap the rewards of neuroplasticity through brain training and physical exercise.

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  • Professional Member of CHADD since 2006 (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)


  • Professional member of ADDA  (Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)




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