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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

    Hi, I am Lisa Boester. became the first fully trained ADHD Life Coach in the state of Indiana in 2007.  I was fortunate to learn from the pioneers in ADHD coaching at a time when there were not many in the world. She is now in good company as the coaching community has grown exponentially. 

      Prior to becoming a life coach, I spent a number of years working for businesses. I was the sales manager for a lighting and home center where I learned all about the best practices and products for designing and maintaining a beautiful home, from lighting and kitchen appliances to the jacuzzi and the home theater. I also worked in advertising for a newspaper, putting together and selling campaigns and for businesses and organizations, including print products as well as well as websites and specialty publications. I then became a licensed financial advisor, selling insurance products, retirement plans, stocks and mutual funds, etc.


I share this information because each and every role I had in my previous professional life served to inform my coaching.  Each position had two things in common. People who needed something and numbers. I love people, I love working with people. I love collaboration. I could not fulfill the stereotype of the pushy salesperson because I typically forgot that I was selling as I became engrossed in what the person or business in front of me really needed. What I loved was getting to the root of what a person wanted and co-creating a solution with them.


Becoming a coach, having my own company and doing things my way was not a dream I had, until it was! My logical brain looked at the pros and cons of each of my past professions. It made sense to merge my passion for working with people towards what they want with my past professional experience. Taking this path was a huge risk because I, too, have ADHD. Paying for my own health insurance, my own training and continuing education was daunting at first, but I had indeed become a life coach.

As a member of the ADHD Coaches Organization, I was committee chair for the International ADHD Awareness initiative, the need I saw for support on the local level compelled her to facilitate a support group for adults with ADHD for 10 years in Indianapolis. 



With over 30 years of  business experience, from real estate, financial services, advertising & marketing, and as sales manager for a building supply company, her work as a life coach is informed from a diverse background. Her coach education began at Co-active Training Institute, is  a certified career coach for adults with ADHD and  trained with Jodi Sleeper-Triplett of JST Coaching for her work with college students. She serves as a charter coach with the Edge Foundation where she was part of the internationally recognized study of the impact of coaching on college students with ADHD.

She opened her own business in 2007 specializing in helping adults with ADHD and college students understand their challenges better and achieve more fulfillment through better management tools and aligning major life areas with their strengths.

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