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When Life with ADHD hurts. . .

Fatigue, trouble with memory, relationship issues, low confidence, never enough time for self, underachievement, identity wounds and co-existing diagnoses like depression and anxiety often fill you with doubt and confusion. If this is you......
it may be time for a different conversation.


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ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Do any of the descriptions below fit you? YOU ARE NOT ALONE...  there are many other ways ADHD shows up. These are just a few from the lived experience.

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An ADHD diagnosis is just the beginning!  Understanding and acceptance are critical to the process of living a fulfilling life with ADHD. That can include educating partners and family members, taking more time for yourself and reassessing expectations as well as discovering and placing a higher value on your gifts and talents.

 Did you know that people with ADHD often, but not always.......


  • are not good self observers.

  • have rejection sensitivity dysphoria.

  •  get stuck on negative thoughts and have a hard time moving on.

  • struggle with adequately describing symptoms to the doctor. and/or family members and friends.

  • forget things in-between visits to the doctor.

  • become distracted and go off-topic in their time with the doctor.

  • do not understand what to pay attention to in order to help determine if medication is working.

  • resist mailing things.

  • have trouble finishing tasks requiring sustained focus, like writing long emails.

  • are highly sensitive.

  • are challenged with life balance and time, management making treatment plans difficult to follow.

  • have' any more traits and symptoms that people without it do not have!


        It is time to stop hiding who you are. The job of selfcare for a woman with ADHD is significant. If you are also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), you have needs that others may not understand. Do not take on the burden of trying to make them understand, simply invite them to do their own research. Simply state what you need. Do not judge yourself because what you need is different. What you need is directly related to your health and wellbeing.  

If you constantly judge yourself, understand that you developed those sabotaging voices out of your natural gifts and strengths when you were a child. It is very normal. It is how you learned to cope. Those coping mechanisms, like avoidance, over achievement, victim thinking become problematic when you continue using them into adulthood. Your gifts have been overused and new strategies must be developed. To find out more, take the Saboteur Assessment to indentify your go - to self saboteur style!


We all have a story to tell. Mine is, like yours, one that includes being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and having ADHD. Diagnosed in my late 30's, I set out to put into practice everything I could to be more productive. That research led to an eventual career helping others to understand, embrace and manage the "Lived Experience" of ADHD. 

My life today is about much more than being productive. Embracing my human "beingness" and giving it equal time to my human "doingness" has been the greatest gift of my career in life coaching. 

I am a lifelong learner, a mother, grandmother, wife, hobby writer and artist.  My dream for you is that you also know that you are much more than your diagnosis. 

I am a Co-Active Life Coach and one of the cornerstones

I stand on as a Co-Active Coach is that you are 

Creative Resourceful and Whole.

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